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Flat seals

Flat seals – reliable sealing elements for apparatus and pipeline construction

As a specialist in metal seals, HUFA provides a wide range of flat seals according to DIN 7603 and ISO 2768. This seal shape is used wherever components are joined together detachably with the help of screws, for example in apparatus housings or flange joints in pipeline construction.

Advantages of flat seals made of metal

Flat seals can be made of a variety of materials. However, not every material is suitable for every application. Metal seals can show their advantages wherever seals from softer materials are less or not at all suitable. For flange joints, this particularly applies in the context of particular media, very high or low temperatures or pressures or in the event of a leakage rate that makes it impossible to use seals made of soft materials.

Solid flat seals made of metal have proved themselves at very low temperatures of up to –200 °C and at high temperatures of more than 600 °C. They also provide the best possible properties for use under relatively low up to the highest pressures.

Depending on the requirements, flat seals can be installed as a main load seal or in off load contact. In the first option, the seal is pressed between the two parts to be connected without an installation groove. It separates the components from one another and absorbs the full screw force alongside its sealing function. This poses the risk that the flat seal will be pressed out of the sealing point at a high operating pressure. In this regard, thin seals provide a higher protection than thick seals and metal seals are generally regarded as blow-out-proof.

When it is fitted as an off load contact, the flat seal is chambered in a groove and exclusively performs a sealing function. The two surfaces to be connected, which are in contact with one another in this version, perform the power transfer. Here, the blow-out resistance is provided by the structural design.


HUFA – your specialist in flat seals made of metal

We produce flat seals from metals such as copper, titanium, soft iron, stainless steel, brass and aluminium, which we can optionally furnish with a wide variety of surface coatings. Our optimally equipped warehouse enables us to guarantee short delivery times.

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