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Standard seals – field-tested solutions, a wide variety of applications

Metal seals serve to separate spaces with different media or operating conditions (temperature, pressure) from one another, to prevent the loss of liquids (e.g. lubricants) and to protect sensitive areas against the ingress of foreign substances. To fulfil these tasks, the sealing must be optimally suited to the respective application.

Our range includes a large number of standard seals according to DIN 7603 (Form A, Form C and Form D) and ISO 2768. Due to our efficient warehousing, a high and consistent availability is guaranteed at all times. Whether it’s a flat seal, a convex seal or a filled seal ring, we have the right product for any requirement.

Large variety of materials for a large variety of applications

With regard to the material, you have a choice between copper and steel materials, nickel, zinc and various aluminium alloys. What material can be considered for your requirements is based on the precise area of application. Seals made of copper are, for example, temperature-resistant up to 300 °C and can be used almost anywhere due to their corrosion resistance. Only in the case of strong acids should caution be exercised. This also applies to seals made of aluminium, which are also largely corrosion-resistant and withstand temperatures of up to 200 °C.

HUFA – standard seals of reliable quality

As a specialist in metallic seals, HUFA will support you with advice and provide and high-quality sealing solutions reliably and on schedule.

We will be happy to examine your technical components so that we can offer you an optimal solution. Whether it’s a static application, translatory or rotatory movements, our competent employees will help you to find the right seals for your areas of application.



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