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The object of our company – to assume responsibility

The courage to forge new paths, to go forwards and to develop intelligent solutions for challenging applications has accompanied us since the early days of the company. Now, almost 100 years later, this understanding has become a key part of our corporate DNA.

The combination of courage, foresight and responsibility still characterises our business activities today. A strong centring of the markets gives us a key position in the manufacture of high-quality seals from metal.

From the resultant responsibility, we derive the obligation to offer our customers products that meet the highest standards. Against this backdrop, it is only logical that we regard metallic seals as system-relevant components. The smallest of variations are sufficient to put the realisation of large projects at risk. This is why we attend to each individual component without exception.

With great dedication, we ensure that each product reaches the customers in the best possible quality.

That is what we mean when we talk about assuming responsibility. As a company, we have the courage to be responsible. Unconditionally. This understanding of responsibility shapes us. It extends to many other areas. For example, we are working on increasing sustainability in order to protect the environment and minimise the use of natural resources. We channel our innovation-driven thinking and actions on this basis. Together, we are striving for international growth in the automotive and industrial sectors. In the process, we are fostering the myth of our company founder Hugo Fassbender. He started his own business in difficult times and demonstrated courage. Fassbender cycled to Duisburg to sell his seals to the shipping industry there.

Responsible business management

With our corporate objectives firmly in view, we have acquired a strong market position as a family-run company. We are a high-performance organisation in the community. The pursuit of innovations and best-in-class solutions defines our thinking and actions. We are prepared to forge new paths and assume responsibility. We secure international growth, bearing ecologically and economically sustainable aspects in mind. Now and in the future.

This makes us strong

Customers throughout the world rely on our products and services. Our technical know-how is particularly appreciated, in conjunction with the well-known quality of our advice. On the basis of reliable processes and committed employees, we realise products that meet the highest standards with respect to their quality and reliability.

Our brand – secure. Efficient. Sustainable.

Since the company was founded in 1928, we have matured into an internationally recognised brand in the world’s markets.

We provide our customers with best-in-class solutions in the area of metallic seals. We are committed to this. Day after day. As a strong brand, our focus is on benefiting our customers. On many levels at once.

Our clients benefit from our problem-solving expertise. Passionately and with a pronounced openness to innovation, we realise solutions that meet the highest standards with respect to their quality. With our processes’ high degree of automation, we achieve an efficiency that has a direct effect on our products and services. Our interactions are shaped by the assumption of responsibility. Internally and externally. Every day, our employees promise to do their best. We pass the same promise on to our customers.

Excellence is our aspiration. The assumption of responsibility our approach.

We have been aware of the importance of our products for generations. Our components do their work at elementary interfaces. Not least because of this, they are system-relevant and play a decisive part in our customers’ project success. In all this, we pursue a sustainability strategy as a strong employer brand. The protection of the environment and a responsible use of natural resources shape our day-to-day interactions. We have already taken important steps that will lead our company to carbon neutrality. We are confident that with the highest standards with respect to the environment, economics and efficiency, we will continue to reinforce our company’s expertise in the future. We derive our primary brand promise from our social responsibility.

This drives us

In the context of cooperative developments, we work with our customers to find solutions. On equal terms. We consider seeking out proactive solutions to be a challenge for meeting the customers’ requirements. Our aspiration is the ability to deliver, a reliability of supply and the forging of new paths so that we can remain capable of acting in an economical and environmentally friendly manner.


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