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Metallic seals according to DIN 7603 – the classic amongst sealing solutions

Sealing rings according to DIN 7603 prevent liquids or gases from escaping and protect these media from contamination with foreign particles at the same time. We produce high-quality Form A, B, C and D metallic seals from materials such as copper, aluminium, vulcanised fibre, stainless steel and nickel in a wide variety of dimensions (outer diameter, inner diameter, thickness).


DIN 7603 Form A

Flat sealing rings (solid)

These standard sealing rings for classic sealing are versatile in their use, e.g. in lines, car engines or pumps. Their sealing and fitting properties can be optimised by a wide variety of surface coatings.

Metalldichtung in Ringform mit weitem Loch.


Halbe Metalldichtung mit Fuge und Kunststoffkern.

Filled sealing rings

Filled sealing rings consist of a metal sheath and a filler material ring. They compensate for surface defects and retain a certain elasticity when they are fitted. In comparison with solid sealing rings, they provide very good sealing properties even with a low tightening torque.


Convex sealing rings (solid)

With their convex sealing surfaces, these metal seals adapt better to irregularities and can be used at lower tightening torques than the solid flat sealing rings of Form A.

Halbe Metalldichtung mit in Ringform mit Kanten.

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